You do have a way of leaving chaos in your wake

"Fetch the torturer and tell him that we may have a job for him."

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On the aftermath of Francis’s death:

"…Mary wore white and shut herself in a black room lit by torches to give herself up totally to her sorrow. As the Venetian ambassador commented: ‘Soon the death of the late King will be forgotten by all except his little wife…her unhappiness and incessant tears call forth general compassion.’"

- Antonia Fraser, Mary Queen of Scots

"…Mary left her royal apartments and went into mourning in a private chamber. During the first fifteen days, she refused any visitors…She sat almost motionless in her white mourning clothes, the room in darkness with the windows blackened and the only light provided by candles."

- John Guy, Queen of Scots: The True Life of Mary Stuart

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Mary— Not yet. If we could lie here a little longer. Just a few more moments with nothing else to think about except each other.

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7 days of Frary 
↳ Day 6: Favorite thing they said about each other to somebody else. (and vice versa)

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